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“I want people to sit down at one of my tables and think. I want them to appreciate that this was once a living organism and consider its age. Humans are a relatively young species, but with our creative minds we can blend the raw nature of wood with the colors of the world.”


Andrew Wighton was raised near the coast of San Diego and is an avid surfer. So, it should be of no suprise that the Pacific Ocean heavily influences Andrew Wighton’s unique style of woodworking.   


Blending both wood and the colors of the sea, Andrew achieves a harmonious balance in his pieces that manages to both instill a sense of calm and evoke a sense of wonder. The unique pairings of wood and resin in Wighton’s work creates alluring combinations and invite the eye to wander.


Wighton’s father, an avid painter, sculpture, and biologist, sadly passed early in Andrew’s life, but his genetic connection to both art and the natural world led him to follow in his father’s footsteps.


At university, Andrew studied animal biology which allowed him to travel the world, first coming to Big Sur to study the California Condor.


Soon after his arrival to the central coast, he met his wife Shelby Hawthorne. With the full support of his wife, Wighton set up his woodshop and began making sawdust.


For more information about Andrew Wighton's available work call the Hawthorne Gallery in Big Sur.

(831) 667-3200

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