"Materials and processes that trigger deep memory and engage direct, intuitive, hands-on interaction, relate the essence of the conversation. A process more interested in revealing a presence than creating one, opens the door to the unexpected. It is the unexpected, unintended and unimagined that grabs my attention and gives direction to realizing visibility, voice and presence."

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Karin Richardson, Sculpture and glass artist, draws her inspiration directly from the coos bay coastline where she lives. Karin has long been inspired by the sea, and some of her earliest memories are of combing the Oregon Coast for treasures. Known for works that speak to the experience of living with and around nature, Karin uses various mediums and methods of discovery to create works as unique as the experiences that inspire them.  


“Materials and processes that trigger deep memory and engage direct, intuitive, hands-on interaction, relate the essence of the conversation. A process more interested in revealing a presence than creating one, opens the door to the unexpected. It is the unexpected, unintended and unimagined that grabs my attention and gives direction to realizing visibility, voice and presence."


Karin Richardson looks to celebrate the exploration and discovery in her process. Using such a wide range of materials gives Karins work an asthetic and intellectual presence that embodies elements of design, architecture, archaeology, and anthropology. This process allows Karin to work directly with the untapped and deeply rooted instincts and memories that can only be triggered by her tactile relations to the materials.

Karin describes her artistic process as more interested in revealing a presence than creating one because it opens the door to the unexpected, unintended, and unimagined that grabs her attention and gives direction to her realization of visibility, voice, and presence.


Karin is often recognized for her works in blown and cast glass, but has evolved her practices to include materials sourced directly from her natural surroundings.


“What interests me about natural materials, there is such a magnificence, there is this wonder and this awe, and its always changing. It’s never the same.”