Hawthorne Gallery

Ed Flynn

Ed FlynnWorking with a vast array of materials, Ed Flynn creates sumptuous paintings that serve as maps or aerial views of personal journeys.

Flynn's ability to breathe life into discarded urban elements inspires the viewer to re-examine how one fits into a fast-paced, constantly changing and problematic world.

His work vacillates between painting and sculpture, often presenting vibrant color, against cold, industrial metal. His idiosyncratic and expressive lines alongside biomorphic sensual collaged fragments explore the hardcore rigors of abstraction vs. the open-ended (non-rules) of Dada.

These constructed paintings are filled with contradiction and complexity. One moment large and noisy – next, suddenly areas are solemn beauty, not unlike the Los Angeles where Flynn grew up.

He does not offer answers, only disparate impossible puzzles that confound and invite the viewer to engage and enjoy the ride.

Flynn is a graduate of Chouinard Art Institute and Rhode Island School of Design.

He has had numerous gallery and museum shows and his work is represented in many public and private collections.